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This email = sums up Switchboard

The other day we got this email from Superhost Jennifer Caamano ‘12: 


I just wanted to give some positive feedback for the host program. Colin ‘11 left a couple of days ago, after interviewing for a graduate program at University of California, Riverside. We went to a pizza parlor, narrowly avoided karaoke, watched a movie, chatted about the downfall of modern society, etc. As he put it, “I was confident I could enjoy at least one day with any Reedie.” I just really appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the community from afar, even when I’m not at a place where I can donate to the Reed Fund. And it was great to spend time with a Reedie again.

I’m definitely looking forward to being a host again, and when the time comes that I’ll be the hosted.

Again, thanks for creating this program! It’s a lovely thing for everyone involved.

Jennifer ‘12”

There are so many things to love about this it’s hard to know where to begin. Jennifer: thank you for being such an awesome host and taking the time to write. Colin, thank you for summing up this enterprise so beautifully. Namely: that we’re all pretty confident we could enjoy at least one day with any Reedie. Which is exactly what the Switchboard is about. Take note that this is a ‘12 grad helping an ‘11 grad. New Reed: your generosity leaves us speechless and inspired.