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Want to blow things up?

We live for emails like this. Alumna Miranda King ‘05 writes: “Do you know someone with a PhD in the sciences or who is currently pursuing a graduate degree who you think would be interested in blowing stuff up on TV for the sake of scientific discovery? Are you that person? C’mon Reed kids, this is what DOTU and Nitrogen Day were preparing you for. 

The production company I work for is casting young, hip, adventurous Science PhDs and grad students for a MythBusters-type show to shoot in NYC. Get in touch with me or email 2 photos and a short bio with your contact info to coolscientisttv AT gmail DOT com (I know, I know) or call 310-473-0900 ext 298 and talk to Erik. Info on our production company is below. 

Please forward to anyone you think you might know someone, or be interested themselves

Thank you!