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"It’s not that you guys remind me of myself. It’s the fact that you’re so much better than I was."

Please watch this video and then watch it again. If you’re just starting out in your career, if you’re a student or recent grad: please count the number of times that someone older  has said to you: “You’re smarter, you’re better organized, you’re more effective.” Please remember when the simple truth of that statement brings the person saying it to tears. 

This is what Olde Reed would like to say to you: “It’s not that you guys remind us of ourselves. It’s the fact that you’re so much better than we were.”

New Reed responds to Olde Reed

So have you heard about this book called Comrades of the Quest by John Sheehy ‘82? It is a massive and inspiring oral history of Reed College. Sheehy collected interviews from over 1,400 past presidents, professors, alumni and trustees (and staff?). All of these stories are also searchable and archived for the select few who can remember their IRIS passwords right over here. The tome is an impressive wallop of Olde Reed (the youngest alum = ‘08). The Switchboard sent the book over to Alex Cherin ‘12  (who is, PS, looking for a job or opportunity in advertising). Alex volunteered to excerpt some of his favorite stories and respond to them. Kind of a little New Reed/Olde Reed conversation. Alex will be posting weekly here using the “comrades of the quest" tag. Hit it, Alex.