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On the second day of finals week we present to you: Dan Toffey ‘07. He’ll be guest tweeting for us tomorrow (Tuesday 5/8). Dan works at Instagram on the Community Team. Do you know how many queries we get from students interested in social media or working in government? It’s ridic. So now’s your chance. Carpetbomb Dan with questions: “Dan, what do I need to know to get one of these jobs?,” “Dan, how can I build something that sells for a billion dollars?,” “Dan, why are Reedies stupendously qualified to work in social media?,” “Dan, what types of companies should I intern with during the summer so I can get a social media job after graduation?,” “Dan, how do I work for a Senator?,” “Dan, what is the best piece of advice you have for current students?” You can ask questions here, or via twitter at @reedswitchboard. Also, I bet he’d love it if you’d send him Instagram photos from campus.

Dan writes: “I’m a Philadelphia native and Virgo. I graduated in 2007 with a degree in political science. At Reed, did Senate and J-Board, was Paradox barista and founded a dance party organization. I also was editor of the Griffin [Ed. note: if you are on campus, and you’ve seen a sneak peek of this project, you understand how Dan + Griffin + Instagram + Senior Hearts project now makes a lot of sense.]

After graduating, worked for Prof. Gronke before moving to Louisiana to work on a senate campaign. After 2008 election, worked for Prof. Gronke for most of 2009 before moving to DC to work in Senator Landrieu’s press office. A year later, I left for a position at the press office of the CFTC (that would be the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission), and recently made the move to SF to join fellow Reed alumn Josh Riedel ‘07 at Instagram. [Ed. note: you can find both over on the informal offers page.]

Interests include typical bougie things: skiing, coffee, beer, art, bicycling, dogs, etc.”

Welcome aboard, Dan! Reedies: ask away. What do you want to know? Or: photo reply and show us something fantastic on instagram?