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Once I got to Reed, I was really shocked to learn that there was a two-year requirement, four hours per week, for students to take physical education.

A story that took place in 1961 as remembered by Jack Scrivens, physical education professor 1961-1999, which can be found in Comrades of the Quest.

So during my last semester at Reed I took Lower Body Abs (LBA) and Zumba. The first quarter I took both, which positively tore my body apart (in a good way). Between intensive core workouts with Wendy, the LBA instructor, and hip twerkin’ workouts with Tracy Reeves, visiting film and literature professor, I felt like a mummy getting out of bed every morning. It wasn’t until the second quarter I learned you could only get credit for taking a single class per quarter. Basically, I busted my ass for nothing. I still needed one more credit in order to graduate, and I already missed two classes of Zumba (somehow I was still signed up for that class). The rest of the semester, while revising my thesis, applying for internships, and drowning in homework, I had to commit to two hours per week of hip gyrations and shimmy-shoulders. In other words, if it wasn’t for Beyoncé, I wouldn’t have graduated from Reed. 

Alex Cherin ‘12